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New 11" ( 28 cm ) Discs for Sankyo Orpheus 45N Music Boxes
[ manufactured by HensTooth Discs, not affiliated with Sankyo-Nidec ]

New 11" (28 cm ) Discs for Sankyo Orpheus 45N Music Boxes

Mechanism: TDM-252



Please check our current listings below
Additional Titiles Available by Request!

Price: $76.45 per disc [ see list of discs below.]

Shipped USPS First Class
Inquire for insurance or international shipping.

Additional Music, [ANYTHING!] , may be requested.

[as of September 30, 2016]

In addition to the tunes listed below, virtually any 15.5" listed here,
or 12" listed here, can be ordered as a Sankyo 45N disc. Please inquire here.

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Cat. #Title
S45-H100Four Seasons - Winter Vivaldi
S45-H101Alexander's Ragtime Band
S45-H102Amazing Grace
S45-H103American Patrol
S45-H104Ash Grove
S45-H105Banana Boat Song
S45-H106Barbara Allen
S45-H108Blue Danube
S45-H110Brandenburg Concerto #3
S45-H111Breeze From Alabama
S45-H112Hail Britannia
S45-H113Carol Of The Bells
S45-H114Cavalleria Rusticana
S45-H115Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
S45-H116College Hornpipe
S45-H117Das Deutschlandlied
S45-H119Dill Pickles Rag
S45-H121Easy Winners
S45-H123Eine Kleine Allegro
S45-H124Elite Synchopations
S45-H125He Is An Englishman
S45-H126First Noel
S45-H128Hark The Herald Angels Sing
S45-H129Home Sweet Home
S45-H132Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
S45-H133Jingle Bells
S45-H134My Old Kentucky Home
S45-H135La Bamba
S45-H136Liberty Bell March
S45-H139Nearer My God To Thee
S45-H140Polotsvian Dances
S45-H143Rialto Ripples Rag
S45-H144Safely Graze
S45-H145Santa Lucia
S45-H146Scotland The Brave
S45-H147Scrooge's Polka
S45-H148Silent Night
S45-H149Dance of the Snowflakes
S45-H150Stars and Stripes Forever
S45-H151Keep On The Sunnyside
S45-H152Suo Gan
S45-H154Washington Post March
S45-H155We Gather Together
S45-H157O Christmas Tree
S45-H158Yankee Doodle Dandy
S45-H159Adeste Fidelis
S45-H160Air from Figaro
S45-H162Alla Turca - Mozart
S45-H163Angels We Have Heard On High
S45-H164Sweet Antoinette
S45-H165Arab Dance
S45-H166Artists Life
S45-H167Away in a Manger
S45-H168Bach Minuet #3
S45-H169Brahms A flat Waltz
S45-H170Break The News To Mother
S45-H171La Traqviata Brindisi
S45-H173High School Cadets
S45-H174Chopin etude Op. 10, No. 3
S45-H175King Cotton March
S45-H180Eine Kleine Menuetto
S45-H181Eine Kleine Rondo
S45-H183Faust Flower Song
S45-H184Nest of Finches
S45-H186Geneva, Schottische
S45-H187Bird In A Gilded Cage
S45-H190Holy City
S45-H192Les Contes d'Hoffman
S45-H193Won't You Be My Little Girl
S45-H194I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
S45-H195We'll Meet Again
S45-H196Smokey Mokes
S45-H197Mollie Darling
S45-H198Old Oaken Bucket
S45-H200La Paloma
S45-H201Rastus On Parade
S45-H202Romance No. 2 Beethoven
S45-H203Roses From The South
S45-H204Whistling Rufus
S45-H205Silver Bells
S45-H206Schubert Serenade
S45-H207Queen Of Sheeba
S45-H208Sonata No. 5 ("Spring") 1st mvt. Beethoven
S45-H209Meet Me In St. Louis Louis
S45-H210Tannhauser March
S45-H211Valse Caprice
S45-H212Vienna March
S45-H213Four Seasons Spring Vivaldi
S45-H214Beethoven Minuet in G minor Pt. 1
S45-H215Beethoven Minuet in G minor Pt. 2


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