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Music For Future Music Boxes

Sampling of New Music for 15.5" Regina/Polyphon 
and similar Musical Boxes

Priced at $15

All of the selections here have been musically arranged so that an actual metal disc could be punched for an antique 15 1/2" Regina/Polyphon disc musical box. The tunes are heard on this CD as rendered by the MusicBox15 simulator. They sound very similar to what you would hear from an actual musical box playing the disc.

Actual Metal Discs Are Now Available!



1. Elite Syncopations (1902 Scott Joplin) One of three ragtime pieces included here,
written during Scott Joplin's (1868 - 1917) 'St. Louis Period'.
2. Dill Pickles (1906 Charles L. Johnson) Probably the best-known piece by
Johnson (1876 - 1950).
3. The Easy Winners (1901 Scott Joplin)
4. A Breeze From Alabama (1902 Scott Joplin)
5. Down By The Riverside ( traditional ) A popular melody, often done in Dixieland style.
6. Falling In Love Again (1930 Frederick Hollaender) Marlene Dietrich's first
signature song, from the movie "The Blue Angel"
7. La Bamba (traditional) Recorded, among others, by Ritchie Valens. The melody
apparently dates back to the early 1800's. See www.mexicoconnect.com
for information on the history of the song.
8. Banana Boat Song aka Day-O (traditional) Recorded by many artists from Harry
Belafonte to The Grateful Dead and beyond.
9. Little Martha (1972 Duane Allman) Acoustic instrumental duet from the Allman Brothers
"Eat A Peach" album.
10. Rhythm Of The Rain (1962 John Gummoe) In March, 1963, the Cascades recording of
this song reached #3 on the Hot 100 list.
11. Mbube aka The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1952 Solomon Linda) "Mbube" is Zulu
for "Lion".
12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (1961 Gerald Goffin & Carole King) Written when
Carole King was a teenager.
13. Hey Paula (1962 Raymond G. HildeBrand)
14. Storybook Love (1987 Willy DeVille) Mark Knopfler interprets this melody in the
soundtrack for "The Princess Bride".
15. I Fall To Pieces (1960 Hank Cochran & Harlan Howard) In 1961, this song became
Patsy Cline's first #1 country hit.

16. Big Rock Candy Mountain (1955 Harry McClintock) This, and the remaining selections,
can be heard on the soundtrack for the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?.
17. In the Jailhouse Now #2 (1928 Jimmie Rodgers)
18. In The Highways (1965 Maybelle Carter)
19. You Are My Sunshine (1930 Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell) Jimmie Davis was
Governor of Louisiana. At one time, he had a horse named Sunshine.
Apparently, he once attempted to ride Sunshine into his office, which
prompted one reporter to comment as to this being the first time he had
seen a WHOLE horse in the Governor's office.
20. Down To The River To Pray (traditional) An old Southern Gospel melody.
21. I'll Fly Away (1932 Albert E. Brumley)
22. Angel Band (Dr. Ralph Stanley)
23. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (1965 Nehemiah "Skip" James) You don't hear too
many songs like this on Music Box.
24. Keep On The Sunny Side (1928 A.P. Carter)

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