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List of New 17.25" Stella Discs

Unless otherwise noted, these discs are optimized for 60 second playtime. When playing, set your speed control to fast.
If your music box does not have a functioning speed control, and your discs rotate at approx. 75 seconds, the tempo will seem slower than the simulations.
Please inquire if you want discs optimized for 75 second playtime. (This requires either adding to the arrangement, or increasing the blank space in the disc.)

Price: $69.50 per disc [ see list of discs below.]

Shipped USPS First Class
Inquire for insurance or international shipping.


Additional Music, [ANYTHING!] , may be requested.

[as of December 01, 2013]
Newest Additions listed first.

Click on Catalog # to hear a simulated sample.
(Most simulations are Regina 15", but are very similar to the Stella 17" )
Click on Column header to sort list (Java required)

Cat. # Title
S17125 Jerusalem
S17123 Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral
S17122 Come Christians Join To Sing
S17117 Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 1
S17118 Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 2
S17119 Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 3
S17120 Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 4
S17121 Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 5

Marriage of Figaro Overture 5 DISC SET

ALL 5 PARTS FOR SPECIAL PRICE OF $194.70 (That's 5 discs for the price of 3)

S17116 Brandenburg Concerto #5
S17115 Harp Concerto - Handel
S17114 The Mocking-Bird March
S17113 Kathleen Mavourneen
S17112 Underneath the Christmas Star
S17110 Rain Of Pearls [Stella 17" Simulation]
S17109 Dance Of The Hours ( from Fantasia)
S17108 Debussy First Arabesque
S17107 When I Grow Too Old To Dream
S17106 Va Tacito (from Giulio Cesare ,- Handel)
S17105 Can Can Offenbach
S17104 Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba Handel
S17103 The Harmonious BlackSmith Handel
S17102 Panis Angelicus
S17101 Musetta's Waltz - La Boheme
S17001 True Love
S17002 Easy Winners
S17003 Once Upon a December
S17004 Elite Syncopations
S17005 Dill Pickles
S17006 A Breeze From Alabama
S17007 Down By The RiverSide
S17008 Falling in Love Again
S17009 La Bamba
S17010 Banana Boat Song
S17011 Rhythm of the Rain
S17012 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
S17013 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
S17014 Hey Paula
S17015 Storybook Love
S17016 I Fall To Pieces
S17017 Big Rock Candy Mountain
S17018 In the Jailhouse Now
S17019 In the Highways
S17020 You Are My Sunshine
S17021 Down in the River to Pray
S17022 I'll Fly Away
S17023 Angel Band
S17024 Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
S17025 Keep on the SunnySide
S17026 O'Carolan's Concerto
S17027 Courante (from Terpsichore)
S17028 President Garfield's Hornpipe
S17029 Fanny Poer
S17030 De Martelly
S17031 O'Carolan's Receipt
S17032 Ballet (from Terpsichore)
S17033 Sweet Nightingale
S17034 The Condemned Hall in Dublin
S17035 Planxty Irwin
S17036 The Ash Grove
S17037 Barbara Allen
S17038 Scrooge's Polka (From "A Christmas Carol")
S17039 Clayton's Grand March
S17040 Scotland the Brave
S17044 Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini -18th v.
S17046 Largo Winter Four Seasons Vivaldi
S17048 On The Franches Mountains
S17049 American Patrol/Columbia, Gem of the Sea
S17050 The Thunderer
S17051 Liberty Bell March (Monty Python Theme)
S17052 You're A Grand Ole Flag
S17053 Rialto Ripples Rag
S17055 Polovtsian Dances - Borodin "Stranger in Paradise"
S17056 Sheep May Safely Graze
S17057 Bahn Frei (Clear the Track) Polka Eduard Strauss
S17058 Suo Gan (fr. The Empire of the Sun)
S17059 Gesu Bambino
S17060 Jolly Old St. Nicholas/ Jingle Bells
S17063 We Gather Together (To Ask The Lord's Blessing)
S17064 Brandenburg Concerto #3 - Bach
S17066 The Marseillaise
S17067 Das Deutschlandlied
S17068 Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
S17069 Bright And Beautiful (W H Monk)
S17070 Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
S17073 I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
S17074 Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo
S17075 Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Menuetto
S17076 Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Allegro
S17077 Vivaldi - Four Seasons Spring
S17078 Water Music Hornpipe Handel

Fantasie Impromptu Op 66 Allegro Agitata


The Music Box

MBSI Members - email us for special 20% discount


Etude No. 3, Opus 10 Chopin


Por Una Cabeza


La Cumparsita


Ole Guapa


Bonnie Blue Flag




Cavalleria Rusticana Part 1


Cavalleria Rusticana Part 2 v1


Cavalleria Rusticana Part 2 v2


Die Moldau


Entrance of the Gladiators (Circus Music)

1012 My Queen, Waltz Coote
1024 In The Gloaming
1025 A Nest of Finches Longey
1027 Blue Bells Of Scotland
1028 Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht! Christmas Song Gruber
1031 Last Rose Of Summer
1039 Ave Maria Bach-Gounod
1053 Midsummer Night's Dream, Wedding March Mendelssohn
1060 Entry into Paris, March
1061 Dessauer, March
1066 Cadiz, Polka Valverde
1134 Verlassen. Verlassen, Carinthian Song Koschat
1162 Adeste Fideles
1166 Nearer, my God, to Thee Mason
1202 Vienna March (Vienna for ever) Schrammel
1211 Home Sweet Home Bishop
1213 Skirt Dance Lutz
1219 Daisy Bell
1253 Glory Hallelujah!
1280 Air From Figaro's Wedding
1288 O Tannenbaum. Christmas Song, Volksweise
1306 The Darkies' Dream Lansing
1307 And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back McGlennon
1309 Old Oaken Bucket Dinsmore
1314 The Lost Chord Sullivan
1324 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
1334 The Fisher's Hornpipe Gooch
1340 Comin' thro' the Rye
1341 The Campbells Are Coming
1347 Rocky Road To Dublin
1351 Faust, Flower Song Gounod
1368 Londons Bonnie Woods and Brays
1411 Ben Bolt Knaass
1413 Gondoliers, Dance a Cachucha Sullivan
1434 King Cotton, March Sousa
1438 Annie Laurie Scott
1451 Rastus On Parade
1452 Bonnie Dundee
1485 Star Light, Star Bright
1496 Under the Double Eagle, March J.Wagner
1503 Dora Dean
1512 Jesus, Love of My Soul
1521 The Stars & Stripes Forever
1552 I'll Make Dat Black Girl Mine
1574 The Girl I Left Behind Me
1575 The Holy City Adams
1578 Yankee Doodle
1579 Zenda Waltzs by Whitmark
1586 Happy Days in Dixie March Mills
1590 The Belle of the Season, Two-step March Bratton
1618 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn
1637 Old Black Joe Foster
1655 Break the News to Mother
1674 My Honolulu Lady Johnson
1705 Till We Meet Again Waltz
1732 Gilmore's Band
1736 The Sailor's Hornpipe
1752 Saviour, Blessed Saviour, Hymn Oakeley
1773 Wearing of the Green
1777 The Blue and the Gray Song Dresser
1799 A Bird in a Gilded Cage Tilzer
1801 The Sylphs Valse Caprice Bachmann
1811 I Want To Be A Military
1825 My Lady-Love Johns
1834 Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Florodora) Stuart
1835 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder,Song Dillea
1844 When Knighthood was in Flower
1845 If Time Was Money I'd Be a Millionaire Barrow
1847 The Colored Major
1860 Honeysuckle and the Bee Penn
1863 Hello Central, Give me Heaven Harris
1889 Creole Bells, Ragtime-March Lampe
1890 Robin Hood Waltz
1902 The College Hornpipe
1903 Hearts and Flowers A New Flower Song
1912 Wayside Chapel
1921 I've Got My Eyes on You
1972 The Eminent Doctor Fizz Luders
1980 Lazarre Valse Planke
1992 Under the Bamboo-Tree Cole
1994 Eva Song
4079 Sweet Rosie O'Grady
8034 Artist's Life Waltz
8041 Ave Maria Schubert
8062 Blue Danube
8136 Dixie Land
8290 La Paloma
8298 Lenola Waltz
8353 Monastery Bells
8576 Under The Annheuser Bush Song
8624 Yale Boola March (P)
10001 Alagazam CakeWalk
10008 Down Where The Wurzburger Flows
10021 Our Director, March Bigelow
10038 It Was the Dutch Song Mullen
10044 Southern Smiles March
10049 Hunter's Life
10101 Turkey in the Straw Bonnell
10107 You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May Song Sullivan
10108 Meet Me In St. Louis Louis Song
10125 My Little Irish Canary
10155 Little Moozoo May Song Luders
10178 Teasing, Song Von Tilzer
10185 Always leave them laughing when you say G.B. Cohan
10196 We want Teddy for four years more Edwards
10214 Alabama March Two Step
10240 Lonesome Song Von Tilzer
10264 A Bit O' Blarney Irish Intermezzo
10279 The Sweetest Girl in Dixie
10301 Yankee Doodle Dandy
10317 La Vie Parisienne Tyrolienne Offenbach
10342 When the Bees Are in the Hive
10419 Everybody Works but Father
10434 Go on Mule, Till I Say Whoa Song
10435 In Dear Old Georgia, Song
10506 Murphy Song Von Tilzer
10906 Baby Rag Time, Gertrude Cady
11167 Where The River Shannon Flows
11171 That College Rag
12000 Hi Li Hi Lo
12001 When the Moon Comes Beaming O'er the Hill Song
12002 Flower Song
12003 The Tenderfoot Hertz
12006 O Holy Night


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