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Mechanical Music 
    Robbie Rhodes, Editor
    Jody Kravitz, Publisher
    The Foxtail Group
    P.O. Box 190
    Julian, CA 92036 USA
    Subscriptions: <
    Web site:

    Comments: A world-wide moderated forum discussing all aspects of
    automatic music. E-mail notes and letters are accumulated daily,
    lightly edited to help assure international comprehension, and then
    broadcast to all subscribers.
  • Ed Gaida's Automatic Music
    Music boxes, player pianos, reed organs, tower clocks and much more are
    detailed on this extensive site.  Many excellent photographs documenting the
    workings of these mechanical musical marvels.
  • Mechanical Music Press
    Distributor of "The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments" by
    Arthur Reblitz. Massive 9"x12" volume with hundreds of color photographs
    and 158,000 words covering music boxes, automatic pianos and organs,
    orchestrions, and other types of instruments.The web site also includes
    detailed historical & technical information on orchestrions and other
    automatic instruments.

  • Southampton Antiques
    Large selection of fine quality turn of the century antique music boxes
    in on line catalog. Call 413-527-1022 for an appointment.
  • Automated music show
    Annual antique shows for talking machines, music boxes, 78rpm and cylinder records,
    and everything mechanically musical. Free classifieds, newsletter archives, online show,
    and many items for sale.
  • Music Boxes and Musical Gifts
    Music boxes, musical gifts, miniature musical instruments, custom music boxes, carousels,
    waterglobes, mini clocks, toy pianos for kids and a whole lot more!
  • Music Box Attic
    Music Box Attic is your Music Box, Music Boxes and Jewelry Box Superstore. You'll find Music Boxes from around the world with lots of different note sizes and over 1000+ music box styles in stock ready to be shipped today, high end Music Boxes and gifts from the heart, hand painted eggs and limited edition dolls. In addition, Music Box Attic custom engraves and provides unique Gift Wrapping Ideas.
  • Exquisite!
    Exquisite and Rare Mechanical Music and Automata - New and Antique

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