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How HensTooth Discs (tm) Reproductions are made differently from other manufacturers.

The first step in copying an old disc is to make very high-resolution scans of sections of the disc using a special computer program we created for this purpose. This step is similar to methods used by others to make reproductions.

Once we have good images, we use another specially-created program to convert the pattern of holes on the disc into music in standard musical notation format. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP IN A PROCESS WHICH DISTINGUISHES OUR REPRODUCTIONS FROM THOSE OF ALL OTHERS.

Once we have the music in standard form, we can then ( using the experience gained over the years from looking at the music on many discs ) correct all the small positional errors in note locations. These errors can come from two sources. The first is inaccuracies inherent in the scanning process. This is less controversial than the second source of errors, which is the actual inaccuracies that may have occured in the original punching of the disc.

If you need to be convinced that there were, indeed, significant inaccuracies in the punching of old discs, please take a look at the high-resolutions scans HERE.

The final result is that our "copies" of original discs very accurately reproduce the music as it was originally intended.



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