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HensTooth Discs News Archive

August 15, 2007

New 11" Discs for Thorens (AD41) and Reuge ("The Baroque")! List HERE.

A small number of USED discs at reduced prices are listed HERE.

In the past, arrangements of mine have found their way into such places as The Phantom Manor (EuroDisney attraction), the homes of Tom T. Hall (Country Recording Artist) and Walt Disney, and were featured on Bjork's Grammy Nominated (2002) Album, 'Vespertine' (Frosti, Cocoon, Pagan Poetry). My version of 'Sweetheart of Sigma Chi' was heard in the 1981 movie 'Ghost Story', Fred Astaire's final film. Lately, my harmonization of 'Ablassen' was heard introducing CBS' "Sunday Morning".

Read interview about my collaboration with Bjork HERE. ( or here in French)

April 8, 2007

More additions to Thorens/Reuge (4.5" compatible) disc list. List HERE.


Dec 25, 2005

They played my 'Ablassen' again today at the beginning of 'Sunday Morning'. I guess someone must have liked it!

Dec 18, 2005

CBS Sunday Morning TV
My Music Box Arrangement (Regina 15.5") of 'Abblasen' (attrib. Gottfried Reiche, 1667-1734) was featured as the opening theme music for the Dec. 18 airing of CBS 'Sunday Morning' with Charles Osgood.
Normally, the show opens with the familiar piccolo trumpet solo played now by Wynton Marsalis and, previously, by Doc Severinsen. The show contained a segment related to music boxes, and snippets from other music box arrangements of mine were played. Video of the complete show will be available from CBS HERE.

Nov 1, 2005

New Discs:

We now offer a selection of new 4.5" discs
for Thorens/Reuge music boxes.
Click HERE!


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