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How to Order from HensTooth Discs

You can order items from us in several ways.

Most of our items can be purchased through our standard website Shopping Cart. Simply click the "Add to Cart" button next to any items you would like to purchase. When you are ready to check out your purchases, just click the "View Cart" links found on every page.

Our shopping cart is managed by Paypal. To learn more about Paypal, click the following logo:

We ship only USPS Priority (or equivalent "First Class" for small parcels) through our Shopping Cart.
When ordering through our Cart, Domestic (US) Shipping Charges are applied based on dollar amount:
under $100 total: 20% Shipping Charge
$100 to $199 total: 15% Shipping Charge
$200 and up: 5%Shipping Charge

International Shipping Charges are as follows:
under $100 total: 50% Shipping Charge
$100 to $199 total: 35% Shipping Charge
$200 and up: 25%Shipping Charge

International Buyers may wish to inquire for custom rates before ordering through our Shopping Cart.

For custom discs and other specialty items, please email us: we can bill you in any mutually-agreed upon manner. We usually prefer to bill by sending a Paypal email invoice, which allows you to pay in several ways.

We also sell items through our Ebay Store and Ebay Auctions. Our Ebay screenname is 'jackper'. To browse our current offerings on Ebay, please click the logo:

  My items on eBay

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 15.5-inch Discs for  Regina/Polyphon
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