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HensTooth Discs (tm) Do-It-Yourself Music Box Composing Aids
for creating your own music for authentic music boxes

We now have online instructions that will help you compose your own music for authentic music boxes.


1/ Compose your initial music drafts with your favorite music software (that can save compositions as "midifiles".)

2/ Submit your midifile to our online application which will check your work for compatibility with the requirements of the model music box of your choice.

3/ Receive an immediate, detailed analysis of your work, pinpointing things that need to be changed in order for your music to be punched onto a real music box disc.

4/ When your work fits all the requirements, you may, if you wish, contact HensTooth Discs for information on how to get your music produced on an actual music box disc.


Since the recent introduction of hand-cranked 'paper-strip' music box mechanisms, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers wanting to create their own music box compositions. Paper-strip mechanisms offer a great introduction to music box composing. These mechanisms are widely available for little cost, and there are even cellphone apps that aid in composing music for the paper strips.

For those interested in taking the next step, HensTooth Discs is encouraging composers to write their own music for some of the smaller authentic disc music boxes that are available.

Currently, there are three types of disc music boxes for which we are making composing aids. These aids act as online tutors to guide the composer through the process of writing music that can actually be punched onto a music box disc (either metal or plastic material). The composer starts by using their own favorite composing software to create a first draft; then can check their work with our online tutor for things that will need to be corrected. Detailed instructions can be found on the tutor pages linked below.

An appropriate first step is to decide which of the music box types you prefer. Here is some preliminary information on each type. Each has it's own particular advantages.

1/ The Thorens AD30 spring-wound mechanism.

This type has a traditional spring-wound mechanism. These are good quality, older music boxes no longer manufactured but widely available on Ebay and elsewhere. They can play approximately 23.5 seconds of music. To visit the ONLINE TUTOR for Thorens, click HERE

Here is a video of a typical Thorens Music Box:
(Visit http://www.singingbirdbox.com/ for additional information.)

2/ Sankyo 5" Motor driven mechanisms - metal disc.

Sold under various brand names such as Mr. Christmas, Crosley, Thomas Pacconi, etc. Discs are actually 4.75" (size of a CD/DVD) in diameter.
Play time is approximately 28 seconds. These are electric motor-driven mechanisms. Sankyo currently has discontinued production, but they are widely-available online. To visit the ONLINE TUTOR for this style music box, click HERE

Here is a video of a Mr. Christmas 5" Metal Disc Music Box:


3/ Sankyo 7" Plastic Disc Music Box Mechanism

Sold mainly under the Mr. Christmas brand name. This is an electric motor-driven mechanism. It can play approximately 26 seconds of music. These boxes are available new and used online. To visit the ONLINE TUTOR for this music box, click HERE

Here is a video for the Sankyo 7" Music Box:



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